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About our Spa in Kailua on Oahu

Our Lomilomi Hana Lima Ohana would like to invite you to bring forth healing, awaken your senses, and soothe your soul with our treatments. We welcome individuals of all ages, and from diverse backgrounds, to immerse themselves in the experiential and educational services our experts provide.

Rooted in tradition

Our goal is to provide a bridge between the Hawaiian Elders’ Voices of Wisdom and those who want to benefit from the beliefs that lead to self-empowerment in order to raise their consciousness and return to their daily lives awakened, strengthened and refreshed.

At Lomilomi Hana Lima, it is our loving intent to create a restful place for physical and spiritual renewal and re-connection to what makes the heart sing. Through our services, we will provide therapeutic support to improve the quality of life for all those who enter our care, no matter their current stage of wellness. That is why we are happy to provide lomilomi for everyone, including: keiki, hapai, and kupuna.

Service with Aloha

With the proper pairing of client and practitioner, injuries and illnesses can be alleviated, and the healing process expedited. Many ‘miracles’ have taken place within this special center. Our therapists’ expertise range from energy work to deep tissue, from sports massage to a massage for relief of a specific pain. Our Staff ensures that everyone is treated as an honored guest and is given guidance to maintain a life in balance.

True Island Aloha is offered at Lomilomi Hana Lima with sophistication, elegance and warmth, so that all our guests immediately feel at peace, regardless of what they have chosen to experience in the way of our many treatment options.

What is a Lomilomi Massage?

Lomilomi massage is like no other. Through the wisdom of tradition and training, our therapists will assist your body to balance the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional aspects into alignment, thereby greatly reducing stress. This bodywork reaches the DNA of individuals, and the therapeutic effects brought forth will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, rejuvenated, and inspired.

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